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Search requests

Below is an overview of objects that we are currently looking for for our customers. In addition, the object that will become available when the search is fulfilled. If you have what we are looking for, please respond immediately so that we can help you make a match. If you are interested in a property that will become available soon, please respond so that we can inform you as soon as it becomes available.

we are searching for our clients

soon available


Arnhem, Schuytgraaf / Arnhem, Elden / Arnhem, Elderveld / Arnhem, Malburgen-West

In-between home


  • maximum € 400.000,-
  • minimum 150 m2
  • minimum 110 m2
  • minimum 3 bedrooms
  • parking desired

Elst 0



  • € 200.000,- / € 200.000,-
  • 100 m2
  • 65 m2
  • 3 bedrooms
  • parking off premises